About me

Growing up I like to think I was a run of the mill kid. My mom made classic dishes like lasagna and beef stoganoff. Life was easy drinking tang and whole milk with added hormones! 
When I finally was out on my own I wasn't very adventurous food wise since I was broke, so I stuck with what I knew. For years I ate some type of meat, comercially prepared boxed meals and maybe a veggie once in awhile. I don't think I ate very healthy and I ate out a lot!
With my first two children I still wasn't aware of all the different ways to feed my family. I wasn't much of a cook and dinner was always the same tacos or meat, meat and veggies! I did however give them organic milk!?! Nothing else was organic, most everything was in a can or frozen! We ate that way for years!
After my 2nd son was born and we discovered he had food allergies,  I started really thinking about what we weere putting into our bodies! After doing the researching for myself, I made a drastic change in our diets. We went vegan! We stayed vegan for year and eventually started eating meat again but now it's organic, free range chicken and wild caught fish up to 2 meals a week. I love fresh food and sometimes go to the store or farmers market several times a week to get the freshest food possible! 

Random Facts About Me:
I love cooking and dinner is my favorite meal to make which I put the most planning in to!
I don't own a microwave!!!!!

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