This is a list of allergies of in our family.

2nd Son
Sunflower oil and seeds 
Sesame Seeds

After my second son was born we noticed he was always itching, itching and doing more itching. I mean days old and really itching himself!  We didn't know why and due to our own ignorance we didn't think for several weeks it could be allergies! My poor son suffered for weeks itching and it wasn't until I Googled his symptoms that we suspected he had food allergies.

I removed dairy and wheat from my diet since those were the most common but he was still itching. Finally after a few more weeks of itching and removing more from my diet I took him to an allergist. After being tested we knew he was allergic dairy and eggs! So I stuck to a dairy and egg free diet but he was still itching! We took him to another doctor and had his blood work done and found out he was also allergic to peanuts and sesame seeds! So I removed those from his diet and he seemed to get better but not all the way! My second son was still suffering and I started a food journal to figure out what else is causing his symptoms since he was exclusively breast feeding.

I couldn't pin point what was affecting him (even with the journal) and I considered formula feeding him to stop his itching! We stopped eating all meat and started eating fresh made food. Almost nothing was pre-made and he started to really improve! One night I tried something new, a pasta dish with a cream sauce. The base of the sauce was cashews. I let my children try it and everyone liked it! Since it was my second son's first time eating cashews I gave him only a few small sample bites while the pasta was finishing up. Within minutes his eyes went bloodshot red and he was throwing up everywhere, suddenly he started to turn blue and seizing! Frantic, I dialed 911 and we were rushed to the ER. Turns out he is allergic to Cashews too!


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