The Ultimate Spinach Sandwich


I eat mostly vegan meals these days and miss having warm sandwiches for lunch, so I started playing around with garlic - which is my favorite. I discovered my all time comfort food sandwich! It has few ingredients and can be made in 5 minutes flat!


1 bunch washed spinach
5 cloves garlic or less
2 slices bread


Warm a a little oil up in a pan on med heat while you slice up your garlic. I don't mince the garlic but rather keep them in large pieces since I love the taste of garlic!

Next place your garlic in the pan and gently fry.

Place your bread in the toaster.

Now that your garlic has been frying for about 45 seconds place your spinach in with the garlic and gently mix it around. Turn the heat down a bit and the spinach will start wilting down.

Take out your lightly toasted bread and spread your chosen mayo around, we use Vegenaise . Once the spinach is all wilted, place on the bread. Cut and serve warm!

This sandwich goes great with raw baby carrots or possibly some homemade baked fries!


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