Lid Cooking


A few weeks ago I posted about Hyperbaking and since Earth Day was this last week I have been really thinking green! I wanted to share another tip with you for your stove top. The term is called "Lid Cooking"  and to save energy you simply, use a lid!

How lid cooking works is easy just cover your pot with a tight-fitting lid and turn the burner off while letting the trapped heat do the cooking for you! You can save up to a quarter of the energy needed for preparing the dish.

So let's take pasta as an example: Bring water to a boil, next add the pasta and bring back to a rolling boil. Cover the pot and turn off the heat. “Lid cook” for the time your package recommends minus 1 minute.  When you try this technique remember no peeking or it won't work!

Who said you can't be green, huh?


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