Seitan Street Tacos


Super easy dinner (period!)

Grab your food processor and take some onion and pulse it, set aside. Take some cilantro and pulse a few times, set aside. Now, it's the end of the week which means I usually make a vegetable medley of what ever we have left from the weeks vegetables I bought. I toss them in my food processor and pulse a few times, season and wrap in foil. Next, I prepare some seitan cutlets wrap them in foil and steam my veggies and cutlets together. After 20 minutes I remove the veggies and seitan cutlets and now place the corn tortillas on a piece of foil on my steamer and cover to lightly steam. Unwrap you seitan and chop into small bite size pieces or if you already washed your food processor you can use that, too! Assemble your street tacos and serve along side you veggies. Dinner done!


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