Open Face Sushi Style Dinner


Did you know that Sushi really means “seasoned rice” which often is confused with sashimi which means “sliced raw fish.” Over the summer I became fascinated with making my own sushi! I made it every way I could think of... I made veggie rolls, chicken and fish rolls and sometimes I just made the sushi rice as a side for dinner. I never knew the one ingredient I loved so much in sushi is the rice vinegar you use to season the sticky rice. This is so easy to make really, you just boil some water for the rice, cut up some veggies and if you choose cut up some type of protein!

1 cup sushi rice or brown rice
2 avocados
2 large carrots
1 cucumber
8oz salmon, 1 large chicken breast or 6 oz seitan
2 tsp rice vinegar
2 tsp raw sugar
1/8 tsp salt


Cook rice according to package directions but add about 1/4 cup extra water. Meanwhile prepare your meat. I like to boil the chicken and steam my fish or seitan. While everything is cooking shred your carrots and cucumbers and cut the avocado up in small slivers or cubes. When the rice is done cooking add the salt, sugar and rice vinegar. Instead of mixing it up all you want to "cut" the rice up and down since mixing it makes it mushy! While your rice is cooling down your meat should be ready to be cut up anyway you prefer. Now, mix your meat and veggies together and you can either toss in the cooled rice or serve your veggie/meat mixture on your sushi rice. Serve with some braggs and wasabi!

If you have the extra time and went through all the above and want professional style rolls you can get one of these babies, Sushezi Sushi Made Easy!  It's great if you want the cute little rolls all chopped up to serve to guests or for a party.


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