Eggless "Mmmm" Muffin


This is an easy one! Everyone (well people who don't or can't eat eggs) has made one of these but I am posting anyway since it is yet another family favorite.


Vegan cheese of choice
Olive Oil
Extra firm tofu
Garlic powder
Nutritional Yeast


Cut a block of tofu into 4 or 5 square thin pieces. Place on towel to drain.

Once the water is mostly gone from the tofu, lightly oil your frying pan and turn onto medium heat. Place tofu onto pan and start to fry. 

Sprinkle a bit of any or all of the nutritional yeast, garlic, turmeric, salt or pepper. Heck add some cajun seasoning if you like but just make sure you use enough so your tofu tastes like something. Fry about 3 minutes.

Turn the heat down to low and flip the tofu over and add some seasoning. If you are adding vegan cheese do it now so it can start to melt a bit. (I can't stand most vegan cheese so I skip it).

While the other side is heating up on low put your muffin in toaster to heat up. Once warm add some veganaise and place tofu on muffin. 

Most people put smart bacon or add some morning star sausage but I feel this recipe is great without adding anything else.


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