Happy Herbivore Rave and Review


I have NOT been feeling very creative lately! So not creative I wont even try to tweak my tester recipes! When I start feeling this way I go and try out new recipes by people who inspire me. See how that works? I read Lindsay's blog Happy Herbivore for the advice and fun recipes geared toward people such as me - vegan! This week I made it a point to try out 4 of her recipes! So far I have made three with one waiting in the side lines since my organic bananas are a week old and still green as the day I bought them! That's a first for me! So, black bean brownies go on my list for next week but I will get them done!

Here is the Lidsay's Hippie Loaf. The hippie loaf in my opinion is veggie twist on the classic meatloaf. In this recipe she calls for black beans as the base mixed with veggies. I love black beans so I really enjoyed eating this plus its fat free! I topped it off with some vegenaise (not fat free), ketchup and chopped chilled tomatoes! This particular recipe is the "best" veggie loaf I have tried and I have tried many.... none worth posting about until now! I had this the next afternoon for lunch as a sandwich and it was still tasty being cold! I love recipes like this that you can re-use the next day in a different way.


Next, I made her tofu chilaquiles! This dish is a fat free Mexican meal, all in one! My kids ate this dish with no fuss which was surprising since the dish had a little kick to it! Lindsay suggests serving with chips but we skipped them since I knew the chips would be the only thing eaten. Instead, I topped it off with chilled tomatoes. avocados and vegenaise. I will be making this dish again and next time making it as a taco/burrito filling served with my taco sauce... oh my, I'm already to make it again! I LOVE tacos!

Last and certainly not least I made her vegan spinach artichoke dip. Some foods such as spinach artichoke dip has always held a special place in my heart! TRULY! I can still recall going to a restaurant, ordering spinach artichoke dip and eating the whole thing unwilling to share! Unfortunately, I thought that would never happen again! But, what did happen is this recipe! HELLO! I made a double batch and used it all week on everything from sandwiches and rolls as a spread, salad dressing, I ate it cold with veggies as a dip, I warmed it up again and ate it with chips! This recipe is super versatile and stayed fresh for 5 days in fridge. I could have stretched it out longer but I was really feeling this recipe!

Don't let the picture fool you, I am not a professional photographer!!!!


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