Spring Rolls


My son is allergic to peanuts and sesame seeds which are used primarily in dishes such as spring rolls or pad thai and obviously I can't go out and pick some up for him to try. Since my son is still so young I think it is important for him to try new things even though we are limited to what we can eat. I feel even though it just food keeping an open mind in everything you try is a good virtue! So when I find something I think he may like such as spring rolls I try to make them so he can try them! I thought after reading all the recipes and comments on many sites that this would be a daunting task but I did it anyway! I'm not posting "my" recipe since it was pretty bland for my taste and isn't worth sharing. What is worth sharing that it was super easy to make spring rolls! All you do is place the wrappers in warm water until the soften up. I got in a mode where while I was filling and rolling one the other wrapper would be soaking and I filled 20 up pretty fast! They may not be perfect but I was pleased to see my son trying something "new"!!!


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