Cake Balls


If you have ever visited the Bakerella website you know what I am talking about when I say that her site is amazing! Bakerella makes the best and most amazing looking cake balls I have ever seen! These are my pictures at my first attempt making cake balls!

After I baked my cake instead of waiting til it cooled (I have no patience sometimes) I went for it and mixed my hot cake with my frosting which resulted in uh, fudge balls! They were too tacky to handle so I used my melon scooper and these are the best I could get them to look like balls!

Once I melted my chocolate I dipped them in and this is the best I could get them to look uh, funky shaped balls! 


So next time I will for sure wait until the cake cools before mixing unless you like fudgey odd looking cake balls!

Here is a picture from Bakerellas site...

 Practice, practice, practice

For the recipe and how to make her fantastic cake balls check out her site at Bakerella


heartnsoulcooking said...

THANKS!!! for visiting my blog and leaving a NICE!!! comment. I have become a follower and plan to visit again soon. I love sharing recipes and ideas.

Debbi Smith said...

I'm sure that mine would look even worse than yours but they sound delicious and FUN! I'll bet the kids would love making these, thanks!

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